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Tour Itineraries


Since the 80´s, the touristic activities along the tranpantaneira highway have only increased. Old cattle ranches decided to open the doors to welcome tourists. Each  one of them with its beauty and hardiness specifies. 

We work with all of them, but the customers profile will tell us which one to choose.

Our Pantanal Wildlife Tours offer the oportunity for those who want to stay away from the wilderness of the cities and get more into the wilderness of the nature.


Single day tour in Pantanal, without overnight.


The Northern Pantanal is by far the best place in the world to spot Jaguars, of course if you know exactly the way. This wonderful animal who takes away the breath of the beholders, it was very hunted by polchers for the extraction of their skins in the years 60,70, making this specie became  almost totally extinct.

With the tourism development in the 80s, this sliding scale has changed. Today we can observe  this animal of more than 100kg, measuring 2 meters, walking freely through the rivers of the Pantanal, where the contact Man-Jaguar-Man is getting more and more harmonious. Since 2003 we offer Pantanal tours specific to spot Jaguars. Since this period, all the guests who stayed at least 3 nights, had 100% of sights.


Of course as it comes to wildlife, we can not guarantee that we will see it, but the guarantee of a fantastic tour on the Pantanal rivers, may having a chance to observe other animals like Tapirs, Ocelots, Giant Otters, Capybaras, Caymans, not to mention the abundance of birds wherever you look, makes us to be amazed at the Pantanal every minute.

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