Landscape - Sunset at Pantanal

Pantanal Wildlife Tours

Since the 80´s, the tourist activity along the highway tranpantaneira has only increased. Old cattle ranches decided to open the doors to welcome tourists. Each  one of them with its beauty and hardiness specifies. We work with all of them, but the customers profile will tell us which one to choose.
Our Pantanal Regular Tours offer the oportunity for those who want to stay away from the wilderness of the cities and get more into the wilderness of the nature.


For those who can't stay longer in the Pantanal, this tour is perfect. The boat trip give us an idea of how extraordinary this biome called Pantanal is.


Different types of landscape give us a good chance to see different types of animals. Combine two different areas make our trip much more excited.

5days/4nights -  PANTANAL EXTREME TOUR

Excellent for those who can spend more time in a relaxing way. Is incredible how lanscapes can change from one lodge to another.

I f you would like to have extra days, different scheduling,or any specific preference, please CONTACT US.