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"I can wholeheartedly recommend Fisher as an outstanding guide to the North Pantanal region.  I went with 9 friends for 7 days with Fisher and our entire group both thoroughly enjoyed our trip as well as Fisher's company. He really knows the area, knows how to maximize the chances of finding jaguar, and has the insights on where to find other amazing wildlife.  I cannot possibly relay the amount of things we saw in a short time.  Fisher made every effort to make our trip one of the best I have ever taken."

Gautam! Book a tour with Fisher Sousa, he is great!

Feb 21 2016

Tinalalala (3 omdömen)

Lund, Sverige"

Just spent 3N4D tour generally watching birds with Fisher Sousa and we are super satisfied! We contacted him 5-6 moths ago to arrange everything and it worked out great. We were a little worried transferring money through western union and then half in cash but he waited for us at the airport when we arrived and from that on we felt really well taken care of. Pantanal is very beautiful, very VERY much mosquitos now, but with long sleeves and long pants, hat and tons of repellent it was great. Fisher recognised almost all bird sounds and could lure them out of the bushes and trees, we sa an ocelot, the hyacinth macaws, owls, monkeys with babies(so cute!!!), armadillo the great anteater and so many birds we didn't have time to write them all down. Would strongly recommend going to Pantanal even in wet season but be ready for the mosquitos and bring a flash light. Would have been nice on the night car safari to have your own.

Our party consisted of 3 people in their mid 60s. This was our 2nd visit to the Pantanal for 2 of us and we decided on this occasion to employ our own guide instead of an organized trip as previously. We were  worried as to what our guide for the Pantanal would be like. Our concerns disappeared  instantly when we met Fisher in our hotel lobby at Cuiaba. He was the perfect gentleman and, essentially for us, spoke perfect English. Throughout the whole tour he was a brilliant guide ensuring we made full use of our time and helping with all the arrangements in the lodges. One of our party was not an experienced birdwatcher, but wanted to see jaguar and he ensured she missed nothing. His knowledge of the birds,animals and the area was excellent.He also knew the staff and local guides well which is always an advantage to any traveler. We had views of 7 jaguars including interaction of an adult male and female, a mother with her cub and a male catching a caiman. His perseverance on a night safari produced 2 tapirs and 2 foxes.

Fisher is certainly to be highly recommended, nothing is too much trouble for him."


Brenda, Philip and Sheila.

Plymouth England UK.


"My wife and I visited the Northern Pantanal at the end of June to beginning of July, 2015 with the primary goal of seeing animals, most importantly jaguars.  We enjoyed an excellent 5day/4night trip with Fisher.  He is a very good English speaker and has a good knowledge of the Northern Pantanal area including its animals and where to best find the various species.  We spent 3 nights at Pantanal Jaguar camp with 2.5 days on the rivers searching for Jaguars (and many giant river otters and monkeys, and what seemed like hundreds of caiman and capybara).  We saw ended up seeing 4 total jaguars on three separate occasions.  We were able to watch the Jaguars for 1-2 hours in each of these occasions.  We watched a mother and cub, who even crossed the river fairly close behind our safari boat!  We saw another hungry jaguar attack a caiman (who got away)!  Our last night was spent a Pouso Alegre where we were able to see a giant anaconda (on the road), hyacinth macaws, a giant anteater while on horseback, and a tapir on our night safari!  All in all we had an excellent trip and enjoyed our time with Fisher!  It is a private tour, and is very expensive, but with more than 2 people, a group might make it more cost efficient.

Mark and Renae

San Diego, California, USA"


"We are a Norwegian couple in the mid-fifties that each year travel to southern part of Africa for walking safaris (mostly Zambia). Usually we make all the preparations by ourselves and book directly with car rental providers, local airline and lodges / bush camps. In 2015, we decided to do something completely different and took a tour to the Pantanal and the Amazon. Since we did not know the area, I did a thorough check on the internet and after reading many positive messages, we chose to contact Fisher. He exceeded the expectations! We got quick and good answers to all of our initial inquiries and he put together a very interesting 4 days package. Because of canceled flight, we were delayed considerably but Fisher showed great ability to improvise and we still got a fantastic 1st day. His great friendships with locals and all his knowledge about Pantanal in general and wildlife in particular made sure we had four wonderful days. The highlights were many but the horse ride came on top - despite the fact that we were completely without riding experience. We got very close to the wildlife and we did see many new species. We can highly recommend a trip to the Pantanal if you are fond of diverse experiences and an exciting wildlife. However, we will strongly recommend Fisher; he did a fantastic job for us and was a very nice and 'easy going' guide.   We will certainly use him next time we are going to Pantanal - and that is the ultimate recommendation."
Erik and Anita

Son, Norway

"In October 2015 I spent four weeks in Brazil as a solo, young female traveler. I'm very interested in nature and wildfire. When I first planned my trip, I intended to visit only the Amazon basin but then I read about the wonderful adventures to be had in the Pantanal. After finding several glowing reviews about Fisher on TripAdvisor, I contacted him over email about arranging a week-long tour. He was already booked for the week I preferred - I then made a split decision to extend my time in Brazil just to be able to hire him... that was the best decision I made.

When I set out for my trip I was nervous about the amount of time (and money, honestly) that I was spending on the tour I had arranged with Fisher. I'm a tall blonde American in my early thirties who doesn't speak Portuguese - in Brazil I stand out quite a bit. I was worried... I didn't know what it was going to be like, being 1:1 with a complete (male) stranger for an entire week. Was I going to be comfortable? Could I trust him? Were we going to be able to communicate? Would I have the wildlife and adventure experience I was picturing?


My eight days with Fisher were the absolute highlight of my entire time in Brazil. Not only did we see so many amazing sights (five jaguars!) and do so many fun things (horseback riding, snorkeling, tubing through a cave), but Fisher became a great friend. There was not one moment in which I felt anything but safe and comfortable. Fisher was always checking in with me about what I wanted to do and whether I was having a good time (yes!). He introduced me to birdwatching - we saw over 80 different species! We went on early-morning walks, explored the forests, and shared all our meals. Our conversations were variously silly, insightful, and deep. Fisher gladly tolerated my constant questions about everything. He treated us with the tastiest butter toffee coconut candies.


The tour with Fisher was absolutely everything I had dreamed it would be, and more. It was fulfilling, delightful, intriguing, relaxing, and beautiful in so many entirely unexpected ways. I fully and completely endorse Fisher as the best tour guide on the planet - if you still have questions or doubts, and speaking to me might help, please email me at"

"We were a group of 4 guys from Italy and we have been to Pantanal for 6 days, last week of august.  Only great things can be said about this trip. First of all: the Pantanal itself is a unique and breathtaking place (and our thousands pics are the proof!). Second (and probably the main goal of our tour): you can see jaguars! We actually saw about 4/5 jaguars (even hunting!) in only 3 days of tracking by boat. Third: Pantanal is not only jaguars! It's full of life, of any kind, and during our trip - both by boat or by car (or even walking) - we really enjoyed and had a chance to see any other kind of animals like giant otters, perrots, capibaras, thousands of birds, caymans and more! Last but not least, (and I would probably add - the best!) we have been very lucy to select Mr Fisher Sousa as our guide! That was the key to our successfull tour! He has great knowldge of places and wildlife, he took care of all the organization of the trip, both accomodation and activities (taylor made!) We couldnt ask for more and we can definitively state that it was one of the most amazing trip of our life!!!


Take care 



"In May 2015 we had a 5-day tour of the Pantanal along the Transpantaneira highway with Fisher de Sosa as our guide.   The Pantanal lived up to its reputation and as others on TripAdvisor have noted Fisher is an excellent guide. We were there the end of May during the transition from the wet to dry season and found the landscape and wildlife viewing spectacular.  
Based on Fisher's advice we stayed at three lodges starting with Rio Claro, Posada Allegra, and then Piuval. We enjoyed all three locations as each had something unique to offer.  At Rio Claro a boat ride on the river is a must do; at Allegra the 7 km drive from the highway where we saw a tapir cross the road and Jabiru couples nesting at sunset near the still-flooded wetlands; and Piuval the integration of wildlife with a working ranch.  Fisher is an excellent guide and spotter. 
We were up before the crack of dawn everyday by choice to see the birds and wildlife as the day broke and found that to be a spectacular time to be out. After breakfast we took walks in the forest where it was cooler. With patience and Fisher's sharp ears and eyes we saw the hard to spot howler monkeys and additional bird species. Although we had not been on horses in years he gently encouraged us to try horseback riding and we were glad we did. We rode at each of the lodges and found that to be one of the best ways to see the landscape and wildlife. 
The Pantanal horses are a breed unto themselves and have adapted to the wet landscape. Our horses sure-footedly plowed through wetlands in water up to their chests allowing us to see parts of the land that would otherwise been inaccessible.  Without riding we would have been confined to where we could walk or drive. The Jaguar viewing season does not begin until later in the year and the commercial night safari is over promoted as Fisher had indicated. The animals seem to know the schedule when the truck will be rumbling down the road and no one likes a spotlight shining in their eyes. We appreciated Fisher’s integrity in explaining this to us so that we had appropriate expectations. The Pantanal has much to offer in any season. With the ever changing landscape everyday was a new adventure and with an excellent guide like Fisher we saw much. PS. binoculars and bug repellent are essential.


From Beth Keck and Ken Leonard

Bentonville, Arkansas, USA"


My wife and I just completed a 32-day birding and wildlife tour of Brazil. 
One of the highlights of our trip was the 9 days we spent with Fisher birding and viewing game in the N Pantanal. Fisher arranged and accompanied us on a private, all-inclusive custom tour that included stops from Chapada to Porto Joffre.
Thanks to Fisher, we identified approximately 215 species of birds and saw and photographed numerous other wildlife, including spectacular sightings of Jaguar.
Fisher’s knowledge of the local birds, animals and insects and where to find them was extraordinary. In addition, he tailored our tour to our specific interests and physical abilities and was fun to be with.
We feel as though we have made a good friend for life and would highly recommend Fisher to anyone interested in seeing the birds and wildlife of the N. Pantanal.

Bob & Darcy
Oregon, USA"


"My wife and I travelled to the Pantanal in July 2015 with our kids (aged 12 and 8).

We had Fisher as our guide, and were very happy with him and the entire experience.

Fisher was resourceful and helpful. He helped us right from the beginnig to the end of our trip. He never said no to anything and was always happy to make our experience more comfortable and satisfactory.
He knew the area which we travelled in pretty much inside out - the hotels, the flotels, the hotel owners, and various people engaged there - and of course the wildlife, particularly the movements of the animal we had come to see: the jaguar! He worked really hard to track the known jaguars of the area and we had a wonderful, 45-minute sighting of a female by the river bank.
If you do intend to go to the Pantanal, I can't think of a better person to do it with.


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